Sports Bar



10 days

Product Description

Natural snack bar for training. Chocolate or yoghurt coated.

Key Feature

  • A balance of simple and complex carbohydrate
  • Fruit & grains
  • Light chocolate or yoghurt coating for great taste
  • With natural flavours. Free from artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners

SportsBar is a healthy snack with a balance of simple and complex carbohydrate from fruit and grains. It has a light chocolate or yoghurt coating and tastes great.  Its moist, easy to chew and does not become hard in the cold.


“Comprising GMO-free fruit and grains the bars deliver a balance of simple and complex carbs for an instant fix that continues to work over time. Tasty!”
Cycling Weekly, August 5, 2010

“Quick carbs from glucose, caramel, sugar and honey hit instantly but oats, maltodextrin and rice should keep you going for a couple of hours.”
Cycling Plus, September 2012

Dosage & Useage

SportsBar can be used anywhere, whilst on training rides or trekking, during multi-day events, after running or as part of a carbo-loading program prior to a big race.

Nutritionals & Allergens